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Product Description

Brand: Peach Couture


  • New By Peach Couture (A Registered Trademark)
  • Elegant and sophisticated braided leather thong straps featuring intertwined beads and a gold floral pinwheel embellishment.
  • Classic flat thong sandal. Leather Material.
  • Perfectly durable for a long lasting sandal to wear everywhere from the beach to a formal event.
  • Womens Size Available: 6-11 (Shoes Size) Colors Available: Black, Brown, Gold, Silver, White

Details: A summer must-have! Summer just got a little bit hotter and a whole lot easier. The braided leather thong-designed flip flop sandal consists of braided leather straps intertwined with beads and a floral pinwheel gold embellishment at the bridge; add a comfortable flat sole, and you will be slipping into these comfy shoes at every opportunity. Peach Couture sandals exemplify chic comfort. With unique materials and fine styling, each pair of Peach Couture sandals is an affordable luxury that intelligently combines a youthful attitude with a down to earth sensibility. Features an open back, perfect for the beach or any formal occasion. A classic styled sandal that will stand the test of time, at an exceptional price. Mix and match any outfit or accessory with these sandals; available in 5 beautiful colors! Women's Shoe Size 6-11

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