Tips on Buying the Right Maternity T-shirt for Your Lady

March 08, 2021 3 min read

Tips on Buying the Right Maternity T-shirt for Your Lady

Congrats, your wife is pregnant!  

Yes, pregnancy & giving birth to a baby is a lady’s job, but being her partner, a man needs to share the load; after all, it took the both of you to start this fabulous journey. 

Being pregnant is a special phase in every woman’s life, but fluid retention, bloating, and frequent urination can wreak havoc. The usual clothes do not fit and the once fancy wardrobe appears useless. This is where you need to intervene, take charge of her closet for the next nine-months to relieve some weight off her shoulders.

When Does Your Lady Need Maternity T-shirts?

Wondering when your wife needs maternity t-shirts? Here Are Some Clues It’s Time for Shopping:- 

  • When your lady says she feels bloated throughout the day.
  • Her baby bump has peeked out.
  • Your wife feels more comfortable wearing spandex or lycra material clothing.
  • The existing clothes are no longer fitting and break a sweat.

Things to Consider When Buying a Maternity T-shirt For Her

When buying a maternity t-shirt for your wife, keep these tips in mind to pick something in which she feels relaxed and looks beautiful during pregnancy.

Maternity T-shirt Fabric 

The maternity tees should be made of breathable & natural fabrics; after all, paternity clothing’s underlying purpose is comfort. 

The pregnancy hormones are linked with many changes in the body; some women’s skin becomes super-sensitive, while for others, their body keeps heating, even when it’s cold outside. That’s why synthetic fabric clothing is not recommended, as it preserves maximum heat and makes the skin itchy when worn for long periods. 

A higher proportion of natural fabrics in the t-shirt is desirable, for instance, 90 or 100% cotton. 

The heavier the cotton’s weight is, the better it is, as with regular washing, it becomes comfortable. On the flip side, the lighter weight of cotton wears thin for a pregnant woman. Six ounces of cotton weight is apt, as it is thick enough to provide the best comfort, and not too heavy so the t-shirt will not be hot to wear. 

At Family Divine, we have 100% cotton maternity t-shirts and hoodies; check out the latest range today!

Quality is the Key 

Quality of the t-shirt is vital, whether you are presenting one to your pregnant wife or a close relative who is in her pregnancy. It is quite tough to predict quality when shopping online but look for a double-stitched t-shirt made from quality material.

Read the product description, check whether it is pre-shrunk, or will shrink with the first wash. 

Don’t forget to check the reviews and ratings of people who have bought the t-shirt you are considering for your pregnant wife. 

Still not sure? You can order one t-shirt as a trial run, and later, if your wife likes it and feels comfortable, you can order a couple of these.

Size Matters 

We cannot overlook the size. But, unfortunately, there is no standard manufacturer sizing. You’ve to make the judgment based on the pre-pregnancy period size. If your wife used to wear the small size, the medium size would be apt now, similarly, medium to large. 

Still, the size of the baby bump varies from one woman to another, so take that into account before choosing the size at the time of placing your order. Since during pregnancy the body is constantly changing, it’s hard to know which t-shirt is going to fit from one day to another, so buy one size larger.

Stretchability Can’t Be Ignored 

Does it stretch? Pay close attention to the stretchability of the t-shirt because, during pregnancy. Women gain weight in different areas as she passes from one trimester to another. Check the product description; what it mentions about stretchability!

Personalized Maternity T-shirts At Family Divine 

Design a custom maternity t-shirt with a moment photo and special text at Family Divine. Explore our new arrivals of comfort meet style personalized maternity t-shirts.


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