Things to Consider When Customizing Your Blankets

December 25, 2021 4 min read

Things to Consider When Customizing Your Blankets


Printing the faces of the people or pets you care about on a warm, cuddly blanket is the best way to show them off. Custom blankets have long been a popular way to express love or remember loved ones, as well as to commemorate significant events like births, weddings, and graduations.

A personalized pet photo blanket can be given as a gift. It will appeal to pet owners. Look for items that are in the proper style for your idea. Some blankets allow for a greater degree of personalization than others.

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One of the reasons that making a personalized photo blanket can be so much fun is that you have almost complete control over how your blanket will look, from blanket size to material.

Why Customized Blankets should be chosen?

The first question that arises is that why should you choose personalized blankets. One of the more efficient ways to beautify your home is with a personalized blanket. As a result, selecting the suitable blanket size will enhance the appearance and feel of your area. More color and design options are insufficient to enliven the outdoor or interior decor.

The advantages of personalized blankets are:


While the majority of people use images to personalize their gifts. The idea of a picture blanket is unlikely to occur to most people. This allows you to be the most noticeable man or lady in the room.


Despite the fact that the concept is still relatively new, photo blankets are now widely accessible at practically all personalized gift shops. Many websites also allow people to order bespoke blankets online, and the covers are usually delivered within 2-3 business days. If you do a Google search for photo covers, you will be presented with tens of thousands of results.

Below, we will be discussing some important steps to consider while customizing blankets.


If you are planning to use your blanket for more than simply decoration, be sure it can really cover you. As a result, make sure that the size will fit you comfortably on a couch or in a bed. Throw blankets for couches can be as long as 50 inches, but if you are looking for a blanket to fit a specific bed size, check the product's size guide first.


Some blankets allow for greater customization than others, so check for products that have the correct style for your concept. Some blankets have the text and a set number of photographs that you can rearrange to make the perfect blanket. To make it genuinely special and unique, choose a blanket that gives you the overall look you want.

Material of Fabric:

Personalized photo blankets are available in a number of fabrics, but the following are some of the most popular:

Smooth Fleece:

A smooth fleece picture blanket is the perfect choice if you want all of your images to be presented in great quality. Typically, a fleece photo blanket can be machine washed.

Plush Fleece:

Plush fleece photo blankets can be a great alternative to a fleece blanket if you are seeking a super-soft alternative. This works great if the artwork is not too detailed and you are seeking comfort over style. It has certain problems as well, such as making the print a little hazy. Apart from that, everything is flawless.

Woven Blankets:

Woven blankets are the greatest way to create a print of a photo without having to worry about color bleed or visual clarity for those who prefer the classic touch. Keep in mind that some woven blankets are made to look better with specific types of photos, so be sure the images you're sending are compatible with the weave.

Customization Website:

There are plenty of online forums available for customization purposes. You should lookout for the best of the lot. Below, some of the best customization websites are mentioned.

Apart from the websites mentioned above, there are many other platforms providing similar services. 


One of the most crucial things to remember is to choose photos for your blanket. You have complete choice in selecting which images will look best on your blanket, but keep in mind that the resolution of the photos will be critical once they're printed on the fabric. You can adjust the layout of a collage blanket yourself or have the provider fix the photographs for you.


It is not necessary to have photos on the customized blankets. Rather, you can also have text got printed on the blankets. The text that you want to get printed on the blanket can be any quote, words of affection or admiration, some random text, name, etc.

The font of the text should be chosen carefully. There is a large variety of text available so, you should choose the font that will look nice on the blanket.

Now comes the text size. It is also an important thing to choose. You can choose whatever size you want to choose. But, the size must be in accordance with the size of the blanket. It should neither be too small nor too large.


Overall, a personalized blanket is a wonderful gift that will likely make you and your gift a favorite of the receiver.

Because the images on the picture blanket will never fade or tear. When compared to images in their actual form, they're a much better option. You can get yourblankets customized from Family Divine. They are among the best in the business.

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