Selecting the Perfect Analog Wall Clock for Your Living Room

March 05, 2021 2 min read

Selecting the Perfect Analog Wall Clock for Your Living Room

Your living room interiors can transform into something remarkable — a space of beauty & picturesque ambience — with the right wall clock. Despite the inception of digital devices such as smartphones, activity trackers, and digital clocks, the traditional analogue wall clocks still have their place in our modern homes.

An analogue clock doesn’t just keep you and the entire family in line with your chaotic work-life schedules, but also offers a splash of class and grandeur to the interiors.

With a plethora of choices in the market, spanning from the classic wooden ones to modern, sleek-silver design that can draw anyone's attention, picking the right one that compliments your living room is challenging.

However, in this post, we’ll help you out to determine the perfect analogue wall clock based on various considerations. Hence, let’s find out:-

#1. Consider Your Room Style

What's the style of your room? For example, if you have a modular living room, it is best to opt for a contemporary wall clock, as it will further boost the modern aesthetics of your space.

Select your wall clock according to your room's colour. For example, for light-coloured setting, go with a vibrant colour analogue wall clock to produce a charismatic striking effect.

The chilli red and sharp limes earth tones are two hot shades liked by many homeowners.

#2. The Perfect Size

Size is a decisive factor when choosing an analogue wall clock. If your living room size is large, then it is better to go with a bigger than normal-size analogue wall clock, so it stays in synchrony. A large classic analogue wall clock will seem clumsy in an otherwise not-so spacious room.

The size must match the symmetry of the wall. If a few things are hanging on your wall, you can opt for a bigger wall clock. Never hang a small wall clock on an empty wall. Likewise, keep in mind, a big wall clock isn't the best pick in a heavily decorated living room. This would affect your room's aesthetics; besides the artistic creation of the wall clock won't be able to attract attention. 

#3. The Material

These days, wall clocks are available in many materials, ranging from wooden, metallic, glass to plastic. The wooden wall clocks are preferred as they warm up the interiors with their rhythmic appeal. They are handmade and finished with intricate detailing.

A modern-looking wall clock made from glossy finish metal appeal mesmerizing and presents a serene impression.

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