How to Select the Right Phone Case

November 19, 2020 3 min read

How to Select the Right Phone Case

Smartphones are high-price tag gadgets, however, most of us take them for granted and leave them unprotected only to regret later seeing a big repair bill. A phone case not only provides damage protection but also keeps your smartphone looking new, out of the box.

Right from rugged cases to lightweight, slim smartphone cases, there are endless options on the market, and this blog can help you pick a phone case that looks eye-catching, strong and sophisticated while carrying your smartphone.

Basic Online Search

Commence your search for smartphone cases by browsing several online stores selling mobile accessories. Narrow down on a couple of options. Read reviews online, even if customer feedback is not available for your specific smartphone model case.

You can also surf the Internet to discover various discussion forums, check out what people are discussing about different smartphone cases, and sharing their personal experiences.

Features that you need

phone case

Think about the additional features you need in your smartphone case.

For instance, for a tablet, a landscape stand is vital. Some smartphone cases offer unique orientations along with 360-degree hinges, while there are websites that allow you to customize your own phone case with a photo or special message.

Here Are a Couple of Boxes Your Phone Case Must Tick:-

  • Good design and colour
  • Fits perfectly for your smartphone
  • Complete body protection in case the phone drops on the floor
  • Gives a good feel & grip when you're texting

What kind of phone protection do you need?

Well, it all depends on how you handle your smartphone. It is a huge investment and for many, it is a long term possession. 

For such cautious and wise customers, a premium quality phone case is worth spending for, to keep your smartphone protected from scratches and other damage.

For others who just want to flaunt their smartphone and are flippant shoppers, there’s no dearth of slim phone cases in the market.  They do not even cost you much.

Based on Protection, Phone Cases Are Categorized in the Following:-

Rugged Cases

Rugged Cases

Rugged smartphone cases are the most protective cases on the marker. They are popular among the regular shoppers.  Having air pockets and reinforced corners, you can expect maximum protection for your expensive smartphone. They can be slightly heavier and bulky but offer protection to the sensitive screen and buttons across the edges. 

Touch Cases

As the name suggests, they are definitely tough but are not heavy like rugged cases.  Compact, stylish and offering optimum protection to your smartphone, tough cases are a great choice.

Made using hard polycarbonate with a softer inner silicone layer, expect your phone to seamlessly weather rough handling. They can easily absorb shocks after accidental falls or drops.

The best part, these cases provide a firm grip, therefore reducing the chances of slipping out of your hand.

Slim Cases

For some, it is all about showing off that trendiest phone case or they just do not want extra protection for their smartphones.   These translucent slim cases are in vogue these days on the market.

Expect the slim cases to save your phone from scratches, but preventing severe screen or body damage is too much to ask for—in all fairness. 

Of course, there are market brands that offer a great combination of sleek design and best impact protection. 

They are typically one-piece, made out of  TPU, a material which is both durable & malleable. This category of phone cases comes in a broad spectrum of colors, varieties & styles.

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