Canvas On Demand - custom canvas printing for your loved ones

December 30, 2021 4 min read

Canvas On Demand - custom canvas printing for your loved ones

A canvas print is a picture printed on canvas using an inkjet printer. The artwork is then hand-stretched onto a frame once it has been printed on canvas. Hemp was used in the making of canvases in the past. The majority of canvas today is comprised of cotton, linen, or polyester.

Photographs on the walls add a personal and unique touch to your home. Vacation photos, wedding photos, and graduation photos are colorful and lovely ways to decorate your home. Canvas photo prints are an easy method to transform your walls when it's time for a wall décor refresh. They give texture as well as a fashionable look. 

Canvas printing is a versatile medium that may be used to create individual pieces, photo spreads, or art gallery walls. You can choose from single photographs on prints or collages. To get customized canvases for yourself and your loved ones, you should contactFamily Divine. Family divine provides one of the best services in the field of customization of gifts.

Printing of Customized Canvas:

Each canvas design can be tailored to your personal tastes, preferences, or room design layout. The layouts can be of one of the following types:

Family Photos:

These are frequent subjects for photo canvas prints, whether it's a Christmas family portrait, a wedding shoot, or a photo from a family reunion.


Many families enjoy putting a meaningful quote on a colorful painting to brighten up any room in the house.

Pet Photos:

Families with really photogenic pets may want to consider displaying a canvas or two of their furry best friends. It's a different story getting their pet to sit still for a photoshoot.


Landscape images look beautiful on canvas, whether they're from a family vacation or just a neighboring location. Before printing, ensure sure your photo is of excellent quality.

To get your canvas customized for your loved ones, do check out the services ofFamily Divine.

Important Things to Follow:

There are a few things to consider before ordering a canvas print after you've chosen a design. Canvas prints, unlike paper prints that may be swapped out of frames, are permanent.

Choose the Perfect Photo:

You want to make sure that the image you chose will appear as good as you imagined, especially on larger canvases. We have tried to outline a few essential aspects of selecting the correct image that you may use as a guide while you go through your collection. There are some rules that should be followed to choose a perfect photo.

Rule of Third:

Divide the image into vertical and horizontal thirds when capturing or cropping photos. Ideally, the focal point should be where two lines connect. It helps to balance the image and is visually appealing.


Blurriness should be avoided unless it's an artistic element of the image. See if you can find a photo that wasn't shaky or taken in gloomy weather conditions.

Color Scheme:

Whether you go with a black-and-white or colorful print is primarily determined by the type of image you've chosen and how you intend to display it. A black and white wedding photo gallery wall on canvas might be a show-stopper. Color will almost certainly improve the appearance of a flower field on a panoramic canvas print.


It is not always simple to estimate the size of a canvas until it comes to your door. We have compiled a list of crucial guidelines to help you choose the proper size and avoid ordering sizes that may over-or underwhelm you when they arrive.

  • For standard printed photos, choose canvas of 8*10 dimensions.
  • For larger photos with less space, choose canvas of 12*12 dimensions.
  • The average dimensions for medium-sized canvas are 10*20.
  • The largest panoramic canvas is of dimensions 12*36.

Apart from size, the quality of the photo should be high resolution. The quality of the image you choose might have a significant impact on the outcome of the canvas print you receive. Make sure the photo you have chosen has the right number of megapixels.

Hanging the Canvas:

A canvas print can be leaned against the wall, displayed on a mantle or shelf, or hung on the wall. Make sure to clean the wall with a moist cloth before hanging the canvas.

It is advised that the canvas be hung with its midpoint between 56 and 60 inches from the floor when measuring the distance to the floor. Allow around 8 to 10 inches between the piece of furniture and the canvas when hanging a canvas above a couch or bed.

Stick wall protector pads on the canvas frame before hanging it to safeguard your wall from scratches.

Choosing the Right Website:

It is one of the most important steps. The whole customization of the canvas depends on the quality of the website you have chosen for customization. You should look into some details before placing your order on a specific website.

The first thing that should be done by you is to have a look at their galleries. You will get an idea about the quality of service they provide. You can also get an idea of the stock of images they already have.

You should also check out the reviews of the previous customers. If the remarks are good, then you are good to go. But, if they are not good enough or you are confused, then better look for another option.

There are plenty of online forums available for customization purposes. You should lookout for the best of the lot. Below, some of the best customization websites are mentioned.

Apart from the websites mentioned above, there are many other platforms providing similar services. 

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