Best Personalized Travel Accessories for Your Solo-Traveler Pal

June 10, 2021 3 min read

Best Personalized Travel Accessories for Your Solo-Traveler Pal

It seems like the happy days of solo vacationers are back.  And to make it all the more special, we are suggesting some of the  best-personalized travel accessories that will leave any solo traveler awestruck. 

So, let’s scroll down and find out:-

#1. Phone Case

The thought of dropping the smartphone is as terrifying as losing the passport for every solo vacationer. 

Smartphones these days are soft to touch and difficult to handle with wet hands, using a phone case gives the perfect grip to minimize the chances of slipping. 

They have many benefits, including enhancing the aesthetics of your smartphone to look attractive. High-quality phone cases come with a shock absorption feature to protect the smartphone against drops & other impact damage. 

At Family Divine, we have a stunning collection of smartphone casesavailable in a variety of monograms, patterns, and clip arts. 

You can personalize your friend’s photo. Our phone cases come with two layers of protection, including an inner TPU liner with a hard plastic shell, which is shatter-proof. In addition, our smartphone cases exceed the US Military drop-test standards. Get the best deals and discounts on phone cases.

#2. Beach Towel

Who doesn’t like hitting a beach as the temperatures soar high? 

How about gifting your best pal a personalized beach towel. Look for a large & soft beach towel that quickly absorbs water. You can monogram the beach towel that will remind him/her about you whenever your friend will use the towel. 

At Fam Solutions, we have both small and large beach towels, available in a variety of colors.

#3. T-Shirts 

Having said that it's summer, a personalized t-shirt is a perfect gift for your friend. 

T-shirts are comfortable & relaxing for travelers to wear all day long. Ask yourself is there anything more fleecy, soft & supple than a t-shirt. The best part is that t-shirts never go out of fashion. 

T-shirts can be worn by people of all age categories, right from a kid to a middle-aged guy, and both men and women. They are simple yet elegant, and easy to wear, thus saving time. 

At Fam Solutions, we offer a 100% combed and ring-spun cotton range of t-shirts.

#4 Face Mask

In the era of the pandemic, face masks cannot be ignored; masks are here to stay for at least a couple of months. 

You can express your real concern for your best pal with a face mask as well as it is something that they will use and remember thereby. Make sure you buy a high-quality face mask that comes with extra layers of protection. Buy face masks that are machine washable. 

At Fam Solutions, we let you customize the front of the face mask with a special moment pic with your friend or a unique message. We have both small & large-sized face masks.

#5 Journal

A journal makes a real statement on how much you appreciate them in your life. A journey is a perfect way to document a vacation. Journals are pretty, and the cover can be customized with a special photo or message. 

Buying a journal is fun too, and especially when searching for someone else. You have to select the perfect color that your friend will adore. You can search for lined paper, leather, images, and so much more. 

At Fam Solutions, we have both spiral & non-spiral notebooksand customize the design as per your preference. 

Let’s Wind Up

AtFamily Divine, we bring to you an exclusive selection of gifts with the feature of personalization. These gifts include phone cases, beach towels, face masks, t-shirts & hoodies, clocks, and journals. 

We offer FREE shipping across the US. Get amazing discounts. If you have queries or doubts, you can write to us at


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