It seems crazy to start thinking about buying your holiday presents but shopping for several people can be a big undertaking and giving yourself plenty of time is certainly the best way to ensure that you don’t forget anyone and also gives you the potential for savings with the great sales that become available.


But as you’re making a list and checking it twice, you have to figure out what people really want and something that will stand out from the itchy sweaters and boring gift cards that are your ultimate fall back gifting idea. What better way to gift someone you care about than with an item that has been personalized especially for them?

Don’t let the idea of etched glasses stick in your mind unless your brother really needs a new set of bar glasses. There are so many different things you can personalize today and since you’re already planning ahead with your shopping there is more than enough time to purchase some truly extraordinary presents that will become their favorite present of all time.

As you’re thinking about who you need to buy for, this list of six different things to personalize will help you get off and running into a world of gifts that you may not have yet considered. The best part about personalized gifts though? When you’re wrapping them up you won’t forget who you bought it for!

Try a Terrific Tumbler

Wait, didn’t we just talk about a personalized cups to hold the coffee in the morning? Sure, but mugs and tumblers are totally different. A tumbler is altogether easier to travel with so if you are related to someone who drinks coffee and commutes then you should absolutely consider a personalized tumbler to be the git of choice.

You can get tumblers monogrammed, a classy personalization option that doesn’t make the tumbler stand out too much but will keep it from being mixed up with the other tumblers the barista is filling up before sending coffee fiends on their way. A monogrammed tumbler is completely on-trend and would make for a lovely gift. Personalized stainless steel travel mug is an amazing choice as well.

Because tumblers offer more space to personalize you can add more family pictures or even some of the sillier pictures you took on your last vacation to bring a smile to the recipient every time they take a sip.

Do you have anyone college-age to buy a gift for this year? Then a personalized photo tumbler definitely the right option for your present. Do you remember college? You didn’t want to do dishes, so having more than one tumbler certainly isn’t a problem, in fact, you’re assisting their lack of excitement of doing dishes with an additional tumbler.

College students drink coffee while they’re studying and they tend to be eco-conscious so being able to carry a personalized coffee thermos around says to the campus that they respect the planet. You can give a gift that solidifies their social status and their caffeinated beverage intake. Sustainability is always an excellent choice, a tumbler is a wonderful gift idea!

But just because tumblers are most often thought of for hot beverages doesn’t mean the insulation doesn’t work the other way. A lot of people use tumblers for their cold beverages because a custom coffee tumbler is a classier option than a sports water bottle.

Custom Tumblers can also be excellent group gifts for a wedding party or your department at work, personalizing them with one message with be cost-effective and it will still be a really practical option they aren’t likely to throw away come New Years.

For whatever beverage the tumbler with eventual hold, the personalization makes it a wonderful gift for anyone who drinks liquid on the go. Monograms, pictures, sparkles or witty phrases, your imagination is the only limit to how to can make a customized coffee cup unique to whoever will receive it.

How About A Customized Phone Case?

Smartphones have never been more popular, with research showing that 96% of Americans own a cellphone with 81% of those being smartphones. On average, kids ate 10 when they get their first cell phone so getting custom phone cases as a gift idea works for a huge bulk of your shopping list certainly.

Customizing phones has always been a popular trend. In a sea of the same phone in a similar black protective case, why wouldn’t you want your phone to stand out from the crowd? Honestly, there is no better way to protect your phone from breaking then to protect it with a case. You can get custom iPhone cases, Samsung phone cases and phone cases for most of the other brands easily.

Made from different materials you can find protective phone cases that are water-proof, or super tough for the military, and when you’ve just paid hundreds of dollars for the latest and greatest cellphone those claims are attractive since of course, you don’t want your phone to get wrecked when a simple case could protect it from harm!

But don’t be fooled that just because a case is protective it has to look boring. It also need not look like every other phone. Customizable phone cases are so easy to get and they are the best holiday gift because they’re quite simple to use. Remember that just because they have a phone case already doesn’t mean they can’t use another?

You can create your own phone case to show off the latest family portraits. This is a great gift idea for a grandparent or new mom or dad. They will never mistake their grandkids for someone else’s and they also won’t have to look far to show the pictures of the kids to all their friends. Giving them the gift of an awesome picture they won’t lose is an excellent idea.

When perhaps a family photo case isn’t the most appropriate phone case choice and you’re looking for something different, you can never go wrong with a monogrammed or engraved case. Made of sleek materials to elevate the phone to a higher standard, these cases are perfect for your brother-in-law or that one relative who works the fact he’s a doctor into every conversation.

But don’t feel limited to pictures and monogrammed when there’s a whole world of cell phone case options available to you. With a million different animal cases, some even featuring fur, your youngest phone-owning friends and relatives are sure to delight in a unicorn case. (Or whatever their favorite animal may be, I promise, you’ll find one they like!)

Be the hit of the white elephant exchange and go for a funny phone case, featuring a favorite movie character and quote. Or for that company Secret Santa why don’t you put your corporate logo on a phone case? Someone can use it at the next trade show and it will show you didn’t just hit a big box store and buy an ornament they don’t really need or want.

With so many different options for customized phone cases, there is really no better way to personalize a cellphone. Don’t get overwhelmed by the vast amount of options for customization either, getting a collection of cases is a great idea.

It takes only a minute (and usually less than that) to switch a case on a cellphone so having a few options is a lovely idea. There’s really no downside to gifting a cellphone case, especially if you have the inside scoop that they will also be receiving a new phone for the holidays. Just make sure they open your gift second if it’s a surprise!

Because customization is so unique, you can be certain no one else is going to give your friends the exact same phone case, and even if they get three other phone cases that just gives them more options to switch around with. No one goes far without their phone, so give them the gift they’ll see all the time with a personalized phone case.

Hug in a Mug

Does it seem a little cliche to give people mugs? Sure. But cliches exist for a reason and that is because mugs have a tendency to break as they are used, or their cute designs wear off over time. So custom coffee cups is a completely practical gift idea for anyone.

Especially if there was a milestone event in your past year, like a birth, special anniversary or a wedding then that gives you the photography fodder needed for an excellent gift of a personalized photo mug. Create a cute collage or add a splashy font to really make your custom made coffee mugs stand out.

In today’s world where reusable mugs can be a great way to cut back on waste, getting a custom mug for their morning coffee or tea is a gift idea they won’t discourage. Did you know that if you bring your own cup to many coffee shops you can even get a discount? Help your family save money and the planet with a new personalized mug this year!

Do you have lots of teachers or coaches to buy gifts for this season? You can put your team’s logo or the name of the school on the mug and then stuff it with small items like hot chocolate packets, candies or even pens and pencils for a unique but practical gift that can be cost-effective for you as well.

Even people who don’t drink hot drinks will love a personalized mug because they can be used for storage of the little things that have a tendency to collect around the house. Spare change, pens, and rubber bands come to mind, but a mug gives those items a landing place and a photo mug makes their collection spot cuter and far more likely to be displayed.

If you love to knit or crochet, you may even consider making your own customized cups cozy to accompany their personalized gift. What better way to include something homemade and make the mug even more unique and thoughtful?

Personalized Coffee Mugs are a fantastic gift no matter what is on them, but you can absolutely personalize a mug to make it stand out and become the beloved mug every morning instead of being stuck in the back of a cupboard forever. Give the personalized gift that they will actually use and go for a mug this year.

Blankets for Everyone

What other time of the year is a blanket more appropriate than during the holiday season? Give the cozy gift they’ll snuggle up to for years with a custom blanket. From the youngest to the oldest people on your list, blankets are the failsafe gift option and the fact they can be personalized for everyone individually just makes them that much better!

If there’s a new baby in your family (or you know someone who is currently waiting for their baby to arrive) consider getting a personalized blanket with their name embroidered on it as a keepsake gift. These special soft blankets can be used for their monthly milestone pictures. You will look supremely thoughtful for thinking of the baby in such a unique way.

Another option is a personalized swaddling blanket for the younger set. Most babies enjoy being swaddled up (or wrapped up like a burrito) and having extra swaddles on hand is never a bad idea. The popular muslin swaddles can be printed with the pattern of your choice or embroidered to make them specific for any little baby in your life this holiday season.

If the tot is a little older than a newborn consider whether buying two identical blankets is the best bet, sometimes children become quite attached to a special toy or blanket and if your personalized blanket becomes their favorite, it’s possible having a backup will be much appreciated for times the blanket requires a good wash or one goes missing for a time.

As kids get older and their interests change, one thing that doesn’t is the fact that they like to snuggle up at night or when watching a movie. After all, blankets tend to wear out and get threadbare so bring the cozy back to their life with a brand new blanket just for them. You can have their initials added to a corner easily which will excite them as they open their presents.

A personalized blanket will stop all the bickering about which blanket is theirs since it will be incredibly easy to just look at the blanket and read for themselves. You will be the hero of the holidays giving a gift that is both practical and will end arguments if you give children new personalized blankets.

Did you know you can buy picture blankets too? If you have a favorite family picture you can turn it into a photo blanket that you can give as a present. Especially if you live a long distance from someone you love, a personalized photo blanket is like the warm hug you’d give them in person if you could.

There’s no better way to send love than a warm blanket in the winter, so if you are looking for an idea that is good for anyone this year a blanket is the perfect option. During the winter it is recommended that everyone keep a blanket in their vehicle just in case they become stranded in the cold weather. Your gift could save their life! That is one heck of a personalized gift!

Pets also love their own personalized blankets, they may not know that the blanket says their name (though they could recognize their picture if you opt for a photo blanket for your pup) but they will love not being told no when they go to snuggle up with a blanket of their very own.

If you are shopping for someone who loves the outdoors consider a customized picnic blanket. These cozy blankets have a waterproof backing on one side so that you can sit on the ground no matter what the weather has been like. These blankets often fold up and have easy to carry handles or straps, making them the perfect accessory for the outdoors.

Custom Photo Blankets are also excellent options when you need to get someone just another little something to fill their stocking or bulk up the pile of presents. Everyone uses blankets and having a spare is never a bad thing, but when you personalize the blanket it won’t feel like an afterthought since you took the time to make it unique. They’re the perfect gift!

Create a Canvas

What makes the holidays so special is that it is one of the few times an entire family gets together. In the spirit of togetherness and good cheer, don’t miss the chance to take a group picture, especially since you never know who may be missing in subsequent years.

A great gift idea is to create a custom canvas print of your yearly photo of your entire family. These prints don’t require a frame or glass to look great on a wall, and can even be printed on smaller canvases for everyone to have one in their own home. Start a new favorite tradition by opening last year’s canvas after you have taken this current year’s picture.

While the professional pictures of everyone in coordinated outfits are lovely, it doesn’t need to be a big ordeal to transfer an excellent picture to canvas. Photography is just a way to capture a moment in time, but it can never really contain all the joy and spirit that is in a room at any given time. Don’t worry about perfection when any time you’re together is special by default.

Photo Canvases are great gift ideas for newlyweds as well. They probably love many pictures of their special day and are often living in new places that aren’t fully decorated yet. So giving them the gift of custom canvas print is certainly an excellent choice this holiday season especially as they may be on a budget after their wedding costs. 

Celebrate births and weddings and just regular snapshots with custom canvas art this holiday season, the gift of precious memories is never going to go out of style and many people never print the photos they take anyway. Don’t keep all your favorite pictures on your computer or phone forever when you can make a canvas print so easily. Personalised canvas or photo collage canvas  make wonderful gifts.

It may take a little bit of the surprise out of it, but start a new tradition of giving a new personalized canvas prints or custom canvas prints with words each year to commemorate the life and how everyone is changing. If you’re worried you will run out of wall space remember that canvases can be printed in many sizes and switched out regularly without damaging anything so having many of the same dimensions isn’t a problem.

No one will be disappointed in receiving a special personalized canvas art you had made just for them so consider whether a canvas is a gift you’ve been looking for as the holidays are fast approaching. Don’t limit yourself to just photos either when you can also print quotes and other images as well! Another benefit of canvases is that they are very easy to wrap!

Why Not Towels?

While some people believe there is no place like home for the holidays other like to jet set to warm locations and experience the best that the beach has to offer. Getting a customized beach towel can serve as not only a gift but also a souvenir to remember the trip by.

When everyone in your traveling group has a coordinating towel it will be easier to spot your area on the beach or near the pool, and monograms or names on the towels will help everyone keep track of which towels are theirs. What an easy and fun gift to open as you’re traveling?

The best part about a personalized towel is that you can use it over and over again. It will be easy to find your towel at the gym or after swimming lessons. If you know a couple of young kids who go to summer camp every summer, giving them a custom beach towel can make their summer packing even easier and gives them a greater likelihood they’ll actually bring it home!

Keeping towels out of the lost and found with a monogram is really only one benefit. If you know some newlyweds they might appreciate monogrammed beach towels to show off their new togetherness during their honeymoon.

Even if your family doesn’t travel at the holiday season, you can always monogram standard bath towels and robes, these are especially great for the communal bathrooms college students are made to use. Custom beach towels are another great way to see which kid didn’t hang their towel up as they should have, it’s hard to get away with things when your name is on the towel!

Other Fun Ideas

These days if you use something in your home there is a very good chance you can personalize it to give as a gift. Things like picture frames and a sweatshirt are typically very well received and can be found in many different places. Tableware is also an excellent option, you can even create plates out of children’s artwork.

Did you know that you can print favorite pictures into puzzles? You can make them easy for children to put together. (These make especially fun vacation announcements, or a birth announcement if you have big news to share this holiday season.) You can also get puzzles that are more difficult for adults to enjoy for years to come.

Another great personalized gift is to give someone a throw pillow, whether it features an image of theirs, a collage of family photos or just their initials. Throw pillows are ubiquitous and often flatten out over time so a fresh new pillow will certainly be appreciated.

Don’t forget that you can always get a return address stamp or labels as a gift. It can take a lot of time to write all that information out all the time so for the letter writer in your life consider easing their burden and giving them a gift they’ll love and actually use. You will look extremely thoughtful and they will truly appreciate that you thought of them.

When you fill your gift pile with items that were customized especially for your loved ones they will feel as though you took the time to consider their actual needs and wants this year. No one wants to feel as though they were forgotten or something was purchased for them quickly at the last minute.

While customized gifts don’t have to be the bulk of the items someone opens, you can build a tradition that lasts year and year, giving your loved ones things they will love and appreciated that you’ve had personalized for them alone. Even for those who are hard to shop for will appreciate the customized gift you have chosen for them.

Keep the holiday spirit going year-round as they look at their mug or blanket throughout the next months and know without a doubt that they are as special as their new favorite item. They don’t need a partridge and a pear tree to know that they are truly loved when you give the customized gifts they can actually use this year.