Benefits of Brand Customized Face Masks for Your Hairstylists

February 23, 2021 2 min read

Benefits of Brand Customized Face Masks for Your Hairstylists

Most businesses have reopened throughout the US, with strict state guidelines. One of the key points in most such guidelines is wearing face masks mandatory for the staff; even the CDC recommends. 

Businesses, right from corporate offices, salons, shopping to malls, have come with a promotional twist to face masks adding their brand logo and company tagline for marketing purposes. 

This article put forth compelling reasons why you should make your hairstylists and reception staff wear these masks.

Face Masks Are Like Walking Billboards 

Face masks with the company logo, and brand name offers an excellent opportunity to promote your salon. 

In this COVID-19 era, your employees have to wear face masks when interacting with colleagues and customers, so why not wear yours and flaunt your brand logo? 

Face masks make your hair stylists distinguishable even in a vast crowd. Therefore, your brand will have a greater client reach and your staff will end up bringing clients on their way to work.

Let Your Customer Know You Care For Them 

Face masks send a positive message by letting your customers know their safety is your top-notch priority. It shows that your salon is taking all the mandatory precautions to reduce the risk of contracting the virus and to ensure that your customers feel safe and confident when they're in your salon. 

Shows Your Professionalism 

Since you are in the beauty industry, your staff's appearance is vital. Brand customized face masks matched with salon wear shows a level of professionalism in your business. As the entire staff is wearing the face mask, your clients can be assured that they'll receive the same level of expertise & professionalism, no matter who is taking care of them. 

But the face masks needn't be boring after all; the beauty industry is all about aesthetics. While there is a need for simplicity that expresses cleanliness and grace, styles & trends must also be considered. 

A good face mask is one that is functional, professional & stylish.

Looking for Custom Face Masks?

At GNM Apparel, we offer a premium range of brand-customized, two-layer face masks that snugly fit around the lower end of the face without causing any irritation to the skin. 

Washable & reusable, our face masks offer comfort for easy breathing, even when worn for long hours. These face masks are ethically produced with quality polyester.

You can add your company logo and print in the vivid style you want. For more information, speak to our experts at (949)-759-2093!

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