A User-Guide to Buying the Right Face Mask for Complete COVID-19 Protection

March 01, 2021 2 min read

A User-Guide to Buying the Right Face Mask for Complete COVID-19 Protection

Not only face masks are mandatory in most parts of the world, but also they are our only protection against the novel virus. Therefore, you need to invest time & effort to pick the right face mask that keeps you safe & healthy unless you are vaccinated. 

Read on to know what types of reusable face masks available in the market, various mask fabric, and features to look-in.

Types of Reusable Masks

A.  Pleated Masks

These are the simplest and the most popular range of masks available. A pleated face mask is a rectangular piece of clothing — commonly made of cotton — with pleats to fit-into every face type with ease.

B.  Molded Masks

Another simple design yet the best-selling range is moulded face masks. They are different from pleated masks in terms of how snug-fit they are and provide better protection. 

Opt for a multi-layered moulded face mask.

C.  Valved Masks

Be wary when buying a face mask with a valve, as the valves only filter the air coming in, which ultimately negates the purpose of wearing a face mask. 

Further, medical experts suggest not to wear valved face masks.

Types of Face Mask Fabric

A.  Cotton

Tightly woven cotton is highly effective in filtering out harmful particles. Cotton is a tried & tested face mask material across the globe. For more protection, consider multi-layers.

B.  Polypropylene

It is a non-woven synthetic material that has moisture-wicking and good filtration properties. It is the material from which high-grade medical face masks are made.

C.  Polyester

Compared to cotton, they are way more breathable and comfortable to wear all day long.

D.  Silk

Silk has a unique property of repelling water droplets, therefore can effectively protect you from virus-loaded droplets by absorbing it — but this isn’t scientifically proven yet.

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