A Practical Guide to Gift Your Kid the Perfect Personalized Photo T-Shirt

May 30, 2021 3 min read

A Practical Guide to Gift Your Kid the Perfect Personalized Photo T-Shirt

Most parents say that their kids have plenty of toys and games, and they wonder what would be an existing Christmas or birthday present without adding to their clutter. 

What about a personalized photo t-shirt?

It is symbolic to celebrate the special moment with your child, and a unique present that many mums & dads of your kid’s friends won’t think of. 

In this article, we discuss how to present your child with the best-personalized photo t-shirt that will leave your little one elated. Let’s find out:

#1.Select Photos from the Past

Before you select the template or layout of the t-shirt, you must carefully pick the photos you want to print on the t-shirt.

You can either go with a special individual picture or create a picture collage of many several moments you shared with your kid. 

For apersonalized photo t-shirt that draws the attention of whosoever sees it, never compromise on the highest-quality photos. 

Low-resolution images look fine on the screen, but on t-shirts, they may appear distorted. 

The ideal resolution is 200 PPI or more. Chop off unnecessary areas of the image.

A well-cropped photo increases the size of the subject relative to the rest of the picture.

#2. Use Filters on the Photos

If you are adding different photos to form a collage as the t-shirt print, then you need to use photo filters. Since the photos have been captured at different times, so to make them look cohesive, filters are a great help. Moreover, you can add fine details to the digital photo using the filters. 

Several photo editing apps come with one-touch image enhancements to deliver final results in a snap. 

You can sharpen your shots, fox a dark photo, increase contrast & brightness, improve photo detailing, and adjust tones.

#3. Choose a T-Shirt

Your kid’s comfort is the priority, and it primarily depends on the fabric. 

A 100% cotton t-shirt is a must-have for hot and humid summers. Cotton fibres have features such as great comfort to wear all day long and water absorption properties. Ring-spun is the lightest and softest t-shirt in the kid's clothing market. Combed cotton is another superior type of cotton material.  

If you live in a geographical location where summers are not extreme, then polyester fibres or other synthetic fibres with cotton fibres would be fine. 

Synthetic fibres have additional perks, such as easy maintenance, wrinkle resistance, and less shrinkage after the first wash. 

An amalgam of rayon-polyester cotton makes the t-shirt soft and comfortable to wear, especially for the kids.  

100% Polyester t-shirts are not comfortable to be worn throughout the day, best-suited for stretchy, morning kids’ exercise sessions.

#4. The Right Background

Although it may seem that the background must be decided first, pick a background design that shows off your photo in the best way possible. 

Avoid opting for a colourful background that clashes with the design of your photos, and compete for attention.

You want the photos to be attention-grabber, not the background.

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