A Practical Guide to Buying a Comfy & Cosy Blanket

July 10, 2021 3 min read

A Practical Guide to Buying a Comfy & Cosy Blanket

When the outside temperature starts to take a tumble, you probably want to add an extra layer of a blanket to bring warmth to your bed. 

Follow the step-by-step guide to buy the right blanket that you and your family love to snuggle in winter. 

Blanket Type

Before you commence your search for a blanket, you have to figure out how you will be using the blanket and what kind of blanket you want.  

Some of the popular types of blankets are as follows:-

Throw Blanket:-It is a kind of blanket that is primarily used for decor rather than the bed. The usual size of a throw blanket is 50X70 inches. 

Afghan Blanket:-The special characteristic of an Afghan blanket is that it is crocheted. Since it has large holes in the stiching, the Afghan blanket doesn't have much insulation compared to the other types of blankets. 

But, many homeowners add Afghan blankets to their home decor because of their aesthetic appeal. 

Heated Blanket:-It is a distinctive type of blanket that comes with an in-built electric heat mechanism to create a cozy ambiance when the blanket is plugged. 

Weighted Blanket:-It is a blanket type that has added weight, which often ranges from 10 to 30 pounds. The added pressure is known to improve the sleep experience. 

Quilt Blanket:-A blanket that has an internal layer that has been covered by a material and stitched together. The quilts are popular for their decorative appeal.

Waffle Blankets:-Waffle is a unique knitting technique that creates an exterior texture that looks like an editable waffle. Most waffle blankets are knitted from 100% cotton. It is warm and insulates well during the winter. 

Coverlet Blanket:-A coverlet is a thin type of bedspread that functions as a cover for a mattress. Generally, it has a woven face with cotton.

Summer Blanket:-Some people prefer some layer of warmth, even during the summer, when the air conditioner significantly lowers the room temperature.

Choose the Right Fabric

There are several options for fabrics, and each one has its unique benefits. Read on learn about them:-

Cotton:-It stays strong against repeated washing and is the best choice for those suffering from allergies. These blankets are light in weight and can be used as an AC blanket or winter warmth. Today, organic blankets are also available for those who wish to lead a green lifestyle. 

Wool:-Wool is warm. It provides good insulation while allowing the moisture to evaporate quickly. It is best if you want a warm blanket, but some people are allergic to wool. 

Cashmere:-Cashmere is a soft and luxurious material that is both warm and silky. However, cashmere blankets pricing is slightly on the higher side. 

Synthetics:-There are several synthetic fiber options for blankets, including microfiber, polyester, and acrylics. Synthetic blankets have a warm and soft feel. These blankets are the most affordable in the market.

Fleece:- Some people have an allergy to wool but yearn for comparable softness and warmth, suggesting fleece is a suitable alternative. Fleece material helps in wicking moisture from the body and provides the warmth needed for a chilly night. Fleece blankets can be washed & dried at home. 

Choose the Right Size

If you are buying a blanket for our bed, make sure you get an oversized one that covers the mattress with a few inches extra to tuck in from all sides and the bottom. Although, the size varies from one manufacturer to another. 

The standard sizes are as follows: 

  • Twin-90 X65 
  • Queen-90 X85
  •  King-90X110

Machine Washable

Strange, but some blankets can only be dry cleaned. So, if you prefer not to make frequent visits to the dry cleaner, buy a blanket that you can toss into the washing machine. 

The high monthly dry cleaning costs bills also suggest that buying a machine-washable blanket is a wise decision.

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