5 Creative Ways to Showcase Canvas Prints in Your Home

August 10, 2021 2 min read

5 Creative Ways to Showcase Canvas Prints in Your Home

Someone rightly said,” Home is the starting place of love, hope, and dreams.”

Your home is more than just four walls. It is a place where you make a truckload of memories with your loved ones. So, it’s important to personalize your house to make it truly feel like your “home”.

Whether you want to add a color splash to your dull walls or spruce up home interiors, canvas prints make a great statement piece for your home.

Canvas prints are versatile and can make your personal space look stylish. 

Keep reading the blog to know 5 creative ways to showcase the canvas prints. Let’s read on.

1.Hang behind your bed

Blank and dull walls can make your bedroom look uninviting and unattractive. However, they also offer endless opportunities to revamp your bedroom.

For instance, a large custom canvas print having your wedding photo can add new life to those boring walls.

It can revamp your bedroom and reflect your personality and taste.

2.Place on kitchen shelves

Who said canvas prints look great only on the walls?

It’s time to break the myth. Yes, you read that right!

Gone are the days spent worrying about buying the right decor pieces for your kitchen shelves. 

Simply place small canvas prints along with stylish cookware and plants on the shelf and let them lean against the wall. 

They look incredibly elegant and pull the entire space together.

3.Create a gallery wall

A gallery wall in your living room offers an excellent spot to place canvas prints along with other artwork, framed photos, mirrors, and paintings.

The mix and match gallery wall looks highly classy and adds charm to a minimalistic living space.

No matter the design and color, canvas prints can go very well with any type of wall art and also complement your decor type.  

4.Hang one in the bathroom

Canvas prints are not only confined to the living room or bedroom. They can add elegance and a touch of personality to your bathroom too.

For instance, you can place a canvas print having a motivational quote on the bathroom shelf or hang one having your favorite family photo.

This will surely upgrade your minimalistic washroom.

5.Place one below stairs

Most people keep a shoe rack or all sorts of junk underneath the staircase.  

However, there are limitless ways to decorate this most overlooked space in your house.

You can hang a striking art piece or large canvas prints along with some plants to infuse a jolt of positivity into your space.

Even better, place a shelving unit and display all your custom canvas prints to give life to the dead space.


In the end….

Trying any of the above-mentioned ideas will not only add grace to your empty walls or shelves but also brings new life to your canvas prints.

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