5 Affordable Yet Remarkable Christmas Gifts for Adventure Lovers

March 12, 2021 3 min read

5 Affordable Yet Remarkable Christmas Gifts for Adventure Lovers

Whether you’re seeing your nomadic friend this Christmas or want to surprise your adventure-seeking guy or gal, our list of top five gifts will bring a big smile onto their face and convey your real feelings. 

These unique gifts will encourage them to take on more adventure tours and walk the road less travelled. So, let’s check out. 

#1. Phone Case

Even when someone goes out on vacation to explore new culture & traditions, and establish a connection with people of various communities, they don’t leave their cell phone at home. If you know someone who travels a lot, a phone case could be a perfect gift this Christmas. 

A good-quality phone case protects your smartphone from liquid spills, scratch, dust, and falling. 

The smartphones these days are quite sleek, and therefore a bit slippery. But putting the smartphone in a rubberized phone case provides a good grip and prevents the device from falling.

Choose a phone case that adds style, fashion, and shows the smartphone owner’s real personality. 

At Family Divine, you can give him or her a personalized phone case with a picture that signifies a special couple moment, such as the first’s dinner or the first child’s birth.  

#2. T-Shirt 

Have you ever seen a vacationer in formals? Of course not! 

T-shirts are every traveler's best friend; they're unbelievably comfortable to wear all day long. That's why most vacationers prefer t-shirts whether they are walking, running, trekking or any other physical activity. 

Buy a great custom t-shirt with picturefor your adventure lover guy that is soft, durable, stylish and made of comfortable yet breathable fabric.

#3. Journals & Notebooks 

Many adventurers love to read & write, then give him/her journals and notebooks to chronicle their journeys. They can write down their experiences, sweet & bitter memories, ideas, and countless other thoughts while traveling. 

Instead of any regular print, a custom spiral notebook is a great option for Christmas and would be something that someone will hold dear to their heart. 

#4. Beach Towels

Beach towels are made out of soft and lightweight fabric that do not cause rashes on the body. Therefore, these towels are recommended if someone goes to the beach frequently. 

They are available in a spectrum of vibrant colors, prints and styles; you can choose one that matches the recipient’s personality. They are great to  soak up excess water on the body and hair while comforting your skin.

Give a personal touch and gift a beach towel with the name of your guy written on it. 

#5. Face Mask

We are still in the COVID-19 era and wearing the right face mask is one of the best protections from contracting the coronavirus infection. So, gifting your travel freak buddy a face mask is a way to show how much you care for them.

Buy a Christmas holiday face mask that is snugly-fit, and cover your nose and under the chin area, and according to government health norms. 

A best-performing face mask must have two layers of heavyweight material such as cotton. Experts suggest avoiding the use of the N95 face masks for general use; secondly, a mask with a valve is not the safest option either. Additionally, valve masks are prohibited by some airlines.

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