4 Must-Pack Beach Essentials in 2021

February 27, 2021 2 min read

4 Must-Pack Beach Essentials in 2021

So, you’ve all geared up for a fun afternoon with kids by the seashore, but wait, do you have these four beach necessities to stash in your bag. Here are the accessories you must tag along with on your upcoming trip to the beach.

1. Beach Towels

Apart from being a necessary item to soak sweat off your body, it is also a fashion statement as you walk around the beach. There are many choices in the market when it comes to beach towels. The soft cotton beach towels offer great comfort and luxury. The microfiber beach towel with silk threads is also widely popular for its sizable absorbent area.


How about you styling up? You can also customize your beach towelwith Family Divine, print a family photo on each beach towel for each member, isn’t that an incredible idea to make your family time even more special and memorable?

2. Face Masks

Although the news of COVID-19 vaccine is in the headlines, we still have to wear a proper face mask as soon as we step out of our house. Till date, they are the only protection against the dangerous coronavirus available to most of the people in the world.  

Since you'll come across so many people around at the beach, the need to pick the best face mask that looks awesome on your face with a custom print designand offers you complete protection is a great option to consider. 

Consider a multi-layer face mask made out of different material, even recommended by the World Health Organization. Avoid face masks with valves as they only filter the air you get from outside, not recommended for protection against the novel virus.

3. A Loose-Fitted T-shirt


Wearing  loose-fitted printed beach t-shirts is a cool way to show your real personality at the beach. 

Cotton is one of the best fabrics for breathable t-shirts; it is light in weight and soaks up sweat. 

For hot weather conditions, linen is another preferred choice for the breathable fabric to wear. It is lightweight and quickly woven to allow the body heat to escape. 

Rayon has thin fibre layers, making it the most comfortable fabric compared to other options. It’s lightness prevents it from sticking to the body. 

If not the old and worn-out t-shirts, you can get something as special as a custom women’s t-shirt with a pic,quote or anything imprinted.

4. Tumbler

Unhooking yourself on a hot sunny afternoon by the beachside is the best way to soothe our mind and soul, but make sure you are intaking fluids regularly so that you end up dehydrating yourself.

Keep a Tumbler by your side and sip water or home-made juice to quench your thirst.

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